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05 Jan 19 (Sold out), 16 Feb 19 (Sold out),

16 Mar 19 (Sold out)



Time-2-Tri-Fitness have always been about working towards being “Stronger, Fitter, Faster”.  When it comes to swimming there are certain facets to make that happen, the most important of which revolve around Technique and Efficiency and that is why we have decided to offer our new private 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction service.  Each session with Former GBR age Group Triathlete, James Lapish, will be a comprehensive 60-minute consultation which includes complete HD video capture; full recorded analysis for later review; a thorough stroke correction component; and a bespoke training plan to ensure you maximise your application of your new stroke technique going forward.


The session is suitable for swimmers who are already competent in front crawl and are looking to make changes to their stroke that will improve their speed and efficiency in the water. It suits any level of swimmer – from those of you doing your first triathlon to those looking to hit County, Regional or National times or those Triathletes wanting to be first out of the water (and everywhere in between!). 


With such a process, we would recommend that you would only need 1 follow up session 8 – 12 weeks after your initial consultation.



We film you using an high quality HD camera from above and below the water. The camera angles are not fixed so if we need a close-up of a particular area of your stroke we can easily shoot it. We get you out of the water and together we look through your footage on the computer and start the stroke analysis. This comprehensive analysis includes our assessment and an explanation of the different drills that will help to improve your swimming. The poolside analysis takes around 15 minutes. 


During the analysis we use a Swim Smooth ethos to provide a visualisation of good stroke technique which is so important, especially if you are a visual learner.


​After the analysis we have you jump back in the water for the second part of your session: the stroke correction section. Using exactly what we saw on the computer this section is completely tailored to your individual needs as a swimmer. T-2-T have an athlete-centric approach to your stroke correction.

After the session James will send you a training plan tailored to your individual needs as a swimmer. This includes reminders of all the drills you performed during your stroke correction session and bespoke training sessions.

Complete the contact form if you would like more information. Programs will be delivered by email  or, if used in conjunction with T-2-T  full training plan, through TrainingPeaks (TrainingPeaks is a specifically designed online training and nutrition software for triathletes and cyclists). 





If you are not able to see James in person for a swim video analysis, why not try the next best service and have an online swim video analysis?


  1. Record yourself swimming, ideally with views from the side (above and below water), the top (looking straight down on top of you) and from straight ahead (you swimming ‘into the camera’) AND as a single file;

  2. Load the video to a Dropbox account or YouTube;

  3. Send the link to James through the contact form to analyse;

  4. James will perform and record the detailed analysis and send a link to either Dropbox (where you can download and save the analysis) or to YouTube for viewing.

  5. The recorded analysis will be supplemented by swim sessions that will provide you with the drills you need to work on as highlighted in the analysis and will be sent via email.



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