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Run drills explained

The first drill to feature is the Switch leg same leg landing or 1-2’s.


The second is the switch leg alternate leg landing or 1-2-3’s


The key to all drills is good form or technique.  Maintain good posture throughout by keeping chest high, shoulders relaxed and hip in good alignment (don’t let them sink).  To perform this drill ensure your core is activated as it will hold you in a stable and upright position.

Heel Flicks are a dynamic stretch of the Quad muscles and activate Hamstrings.  The key is to stay light on your feet and gradually increase the speed you bring the heel to the Glute. 

High Knees help develop muscle memory that will help maintain form when running.  This is particularly important in the latter stages when fatigue sets in and when Lactic acid levels are rising through the roof!

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